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About SA Web Awards

Introduction to SA Web Awards

SA Web Awards was launched in 2003 and quickly became South Africa's top website review site. Our aim has always been to recognise South Africa's top web design talent.

How SA Web Awards works

Our website review program is unique and it ensures that our website awards carry weight and recognition in the industry.

Websites that are submitted to SA Web Awards are evaluated by at least 3 website judges. Each judge reviews the website and gives it a score in each of these four categories: content, layout, functionality and overall appeal.

The combined score from all the judges determines whether the website wins an SA Web Award. There are 3 levels of award: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

SA Web Awards relies on a peer review system whereby South African webmasters and designers submit their websites for review and also participate in reviewing websites submitted by other webmasters and designers. Therefore, to submit your website you need to either review another website or purchase a review credit.

More information

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