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Privacy Policy

SA Web Awards respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. Any personal information collected by this website, such as your e-mail address, will not be distributed to third parties without your prior consent.

We will not send unsolicited e-mail messages to you. You will receive our regular newsletter only if you have specifically requested it by subscribing to our newsletter service. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter service at any time by sending a blank message from the subscribing e-mail address to

We will contact the webmaster, designer or owner of a website when it has been submitted to SA Web Awards for review. The point of contact is usually the e-mail address provided when the website was submitted. If the website was submitted in error or without the consent of the owner, designer or webmaster, then we will refrain from any futher contact unless initiated by the owner, designer or webmaster.

Please contact SA Web Awards if you have any queries regarding the use of information collected by this website.

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